# Blocking effect: Finally, men do more chores at home

One of the notable changes in most urban households, since closing, is that the division of labor in the home has been divided almost equally. Nuclear families, with both professional partners working, are charting schedules to ensure that both home and office work are taken care of. Clinical research associate Priya Sudeesh and her husband had a homework arrangement only on Sundays, when both the cook and the maid were away. However, the full lock changed that. We made a list of chores and divided them almost equally, with specific times to do them, so as not to interfere with office commitments, says Priya.n However, businessman George Thomas now has many more household chores, considering that he and his professional software wife, Shalini, have a one-year-old boy. “During office work hours, my wife locks herself in a room, since she has to take many calls from clients and cannot allow the little one to disturb her. Entertaining our son is my responsibility, which would not have been a problem, but due to the fact that we cannot even go outside and walk outside the apartment, ”he says.

Software professional Zeeba Shibily is involving her entire family at home. “I have two teenage children and I have given them the responsibility of one meal a day, which could be sandwiches or pasta. They also wash clothes, water plants, and smear with sweeping and cleaning. The rest of the kitchen is divided between me and the husband, she says.


  • Preparing to cook takes longer than cooking. Get involved with washing, peeling, and chopping vegetables
  • If doing laundry seems like a lot of work, separate items by fabric, color, and type of wash, and put them to dry when the load is ready
  • Do you think sweeping is heartbreaking? Do the mopping instead. Rotary mops are easy to handle.
  • Take turns washing the utensils; just don't do it under running water
  • Be responsible for making coffee/tea, if you are not a great cook otherwise.

  • Schedule grocery deliveries or departures after business hours
  • Follow a routine: housework should be done before and after work hours
  • Working from home can mean more hours at work. Take frequent breaks for smaller tasks
  • If you have children at home, divide work schedules and alternate, to make sure a parent can keep an eye on them at all times