Ekta Kapoor does the amazing thing, he takes off all his rings and bracelets

Ekta Kapoor He is a confessed religious person. The producer always wore rings and wives that he had some connection to the almighty or numerology. Ekta never removed those accessories from his hands because he believed that they were/are the reason behind his success.

In a video shared by Ekta Kapoor on her Instagram account, the television czarina is seen flaunting her hands sans the rings and wives , which she dare not remove at any cost. Here's what she captioned the video as: "Meanwhile in other news! Thanos has left the building !!! He destroyed the world enough! It's a joke !!! #goinghandsfree #onehandatatime (sic)

There were comments from many followers who asked him the reason behind this movement. Monicka Vadera wrote: Where did the bling go? !! (sic).

comment-pic When the emergency shutdown The phase started and while everyone was doing the #handwashchallenge, Ekta had also taken on this challenge and showed exactly how one should wash their hands for 20 seconds to fight Covid-19.

In that video post, Ekta was seen wearing all her rings and wives and even got trolled for taking them off while washing her hands. Ekta had replied to the trolls back then by saying that she had consulted the doctor about it and there's no harm in wearing those accessories.

On April 5, Ekta also lit the diya with his father. Jeetendra and son Ravie Kapoor at 9 pm for 9 minutes.