Covid-19: Chhattisgarh IPS officer isolates himself from family and inspires others

RAIPUR: An IPS officer and superintendent of police has become an inspiration for his force to remain isolated from the family after spending the entire day in the field to maintain law and order during the national closure due to the pandemic. Having no travel history or symptoms, Raigarh SP Santosh Singh, a 2011 batch officer, has chosen to camp in a room outside his bungalow that he uses for lounging and eating, since the closure was announced.

A touching photo is circling the SP's social networks greeting their two children and wife from a distance, before leaving for work. While working couples and parents spending quality time with family and children remaining indoors, cops like Singh can't choose to have leisure time with his family even after the duty-- "That's for the welfare and safety of my family comprising of my wife, kids and in-laws."

No he acurrucado a mis hijos Ayaan, de 5 años y Arth, un bebé durante los últimos 11 días. Salieron de la casa para saludarme todas las mañanas y las tardes y es demasiado emocional para mí, pero me siento en paz para poder tener un vistazo de ellos al menos. Los children insisten en acercarse a mí y, como se puede entender al hijo mayor, pero el pequeño hace todo lo posible para precipitarse hacia mí, liberándose de todo. A menudo se convierte en una tarea para mi esposa detener A veces es un juego de correr y perseguir o escondernos, dijo Singh a TOI.

I am fortunate that officers like me have a large space where we can afford to live in seclusion, but not all police officers have that much space. However, we have asked them to keep so much distance from the family, mainly adults and children, because we are exposed to all kinds of people and places.

I meet a daily number of people, not only are there visitors in my office, but I also have to make visits to quarantine centers, camps and markets, SP said, adding that the police do not go home for two or three days because service. and sometimes they also have to touch patients when they resist going to the hospital. Therefore, along with the doctors, the police officers are equally vulnerable and must be careful with themselves and with the family, he said.

Many colleagues of have now started following his foot steps and maintain healthy distance from their family members. There are few who choose to visit home to have food sitting outside on the porch and have a glimpse of children and wife and leave for duty. They stay at police station.