Raja Ranichi G Jodi Shivani Sonar's fame flaunts her styling skills; have a look

Marathi ‘Raja daily soap Ranichi G Jodi He's managing to hook viewers with his compelling narration. Shivani Sound aka Sanjeevani , the lead actress in Daily Soap, can be seen spending her quarantine time doing a tiara hairstyle in the last image she shared on her social media account. The actress captioned the image as Quarantined. The hairstyle has twists from the front and curls from the back as it looks interesting.


A few days ago, Shivani tried her hands on the Mehandi designs too which left everyone surprised.

shivani Raja Ranichi G Jodi showcases the life of Ranjit (played by Maniraj Pawar ) and Sanjeevani (Shivani Sonar). As per the storyline, Sanjeevani falls in love with Ranjit the moment she sees him. She soon gets to know that he is going to be her husband. The story witnesses a twist as Sanjeevani 's sister leaves her house to marry someone else. Ranjit formally proposes to Sanjeevani and she also agrees to marry him. The audience will get to know the reason behind her consent and the consequences of the marriage in the upcoming episodes.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, TV celebs like millions are spending time at home following safety measures and making the best out of the quarantine phase. Shivani Sonar is tapping the inner artist and honing her skills.