Shruti Naidu approaches the tribes in Nanjanagud

Tribal Those who live on the edge of forests far from cities and towns and other human dwellings are among those who suffer the most in this Crown pandemic. They have been completely forgotten. Around 500 tribal families in Doranakatte Kottanahalli and Chilakahalli haadis (tribal peoples) in Nanjanagud they are completely separated from the outside world. Since they no longer depend on forest products, all of these people's needs come from abroad.

Unfortunately for them, the largest group of Crown virus positive patients are detected in Nanjangud and the town has been completely isolated. With no one to reach the tribal peoples, actor and producer. Shruti Naidu took extreme risk to help them. On Monday, 150 tribal families received dry rations that would help them overcome the crisis for a month.

Shruti Naidu has been involved in protecting wildlife through its Save Wildlife Campaign initiative for some years. He had visited some of these tribal haadis during Save Wildlife campaigns. I visited these haadis previously during our Save Wildlife Campaign. The reason was different then. Now it is only our duty to help them when they need help. On April 1, there was a newspaper report about what the tribes were like in these haadis struggling to survive. It took me a couple of days to organize these rations. I'm doing the best I can. There are more tribes here that need help. I request the authorities and private citizens to help them. I can provide details to anyone who wants to help them, he said. 350 more tribal families need rations.

Even reaching these haadis is a herculean task now. Nanjangud is blocked from all sides. So to reach these tribal villages one has to first go to HD Kote and then turn towards Nanjangud . Nanjangud has become a ghost town. 21 Crown positive cases have been reported from this town, the highest for a single location in Karnataka . So, people like the tribes that live on the edge of society are the most affected.