Exclusive: Arti Singh from Bigg Boss 13 about being alone during the running of the bulls, I have cried many times but I call my friends when I feel lonely

Arti Singh came out of the big boss 13 house and directly entered a emergency shutdown Once again. Locked up in her Mumbai apartment alone, Arti shared: The only difference is that I was paid to do everything. House homework but not here.

In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Arti shared that it does get tiring and she feels lonely too. The Waaris fame shared, “You might see me all happy and decked up but I have cried too, a few days back. I feel tired doing all the House chores. It is tiring and you feel lonely.”

Arti has been fighting anxiety issues and depression for a long time and she opened up about it earlier as well. Even in big boss 13 house, the actress once had an anxiety attack but she has come out strong and confident.

Talking about the importance of boarding mental health problems, he added, “It is very important to talk. If you feel lonely, talk to someone. I am getting lonely right now and there are times when I really feel lonely and depressed. I get tired of working and started crying. It is normal. I called Karan and she said it's okay to cry. It's okay to communicate with someone and talk to them. If you can't speak, write it down. Exercise, you will feel good and safe. Praying and meditating also helps. If you don't feel like praying for yourself, pray for the world. Don't feel negative.

Arti emphasized the fact that staying connected with closed friends and people is important right now.