Games, diaries to help keep calm in the middle of #CoronaPandemic

With all of us forced into our homes due to crown blockage, feeling stressed and anxious is normal. While you may sleep better and spend time with your family (or roommate), there is still some stress and uncertainty in the air, which can affect you, making you feel anxious, worried, and constantly on edge. What can help are distractions and relaxing exercises to keep your minds fresh and engaged. Here are some of them:

Take a break

While it may seem like you're on a break since you’re at home, what this essentially means is taking a break from social media. Says Dr Rachna Khanna Singh, a lifestyle and relationship expert and psychologist, " Take a break from media, consolidate your time to consume News in the evening and morning. Do not keep the TV on the whole time, and mute News alerts on your phone."

Keep a journal Now is a good time to start keeping a journal. At night, write down what you are feeling and focus on at least one good thing that happened during the day: if you talked to your friends, made a meal, or just listened to the birds singing. Doing this will help focus your thoughts on the positive side of things, and you will generally be much calmer.


Play some games

Games like Sudoku, puzzles, and crossword puzzles challenge the brain, diverting attention from anxiety, stress, and potential coronabrain for more productive use rather than panic. Alka Kumar, a school counselor, says: You can also play board games, cards, etc. with your family. It is fun and helps you relate more to your family.

ludo-body Pick up some new activity

Instead of thinking you're stuck at home, think about the extra time you have to spend on your hobbies, says Alka. Get organized and, in the process, you will do something constructive. Start planning, but don't be too hard on yourself while doing it: choose an activity and work on it, and make sure you don't set unrealistic goals. .