Parag Kanhere is afraid to see Bigg Boss Marathi 2 run again in front of his wife Mukta; God save me

big boss Marathi Season 2 has returned to the small screen to entertain the audience during the lockdown period. The replay of the show started from Sunday. One of the contestants from season 2, Parag Kanhere who recently married Mukta Bhatkhande He uploaded a post on his Instagram that made his fans laugh.

He wrote, “ big boss Marathi 2 is going to have a rerun. Watching the episodes with wife sitting beside me is going to make me scared. God save me”. Fans has a laugh out loud moment & they tried to calm him down.

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Para los no iniciados, Parag fue noticia in la casa BB por expresar sus sentimientos a Rupali Bhosle & admitted in national television that he still loves Rupali. He was one of the most controversial contestants of big boss Marathi season 2.

También fue expulsado de la temporada después de involucrarse in violencia física durante una tarea. Había golpeado a la actriz marathi Neha Shitole y, por lo tanto, los creadores decidieron expulsarlo del programa. Parag había dicho que la decisión de su salida era injusta.


In a recent conversation with Etimes TV, Parag had clarified everything about the show and said: After my removal, Shivani Surve He left the show. After her, Abhijeet Bichukle He went to jail and was again removed.

I did feel bad but Mukta gave me moral support post- big boss Marathi. When Vaishali Made & Abhijit Kelkar I talked about myself, I lost my mind then. I never spoke to Neha after leaving the house.

bbOn Rupali & his relationship, Parag had clarified, “When I created a group, Rupali held my hand for 2-3 hours & she was constantly crying. I thought she was deeply in love with me. That house & atmosphere were like that. I might have misunderstood her feelings but that moment I seriously thought that she was in love with me.”

The big boss Marathi season 2 re-run will be airing from today (April 6).