Covid-19 has taught me to be prepared for the worst: Ajay Thakur

CHENNAI Ajay Thakur is one of the biggest names in India kabaddi . The 33-year-old World Cup winner has been a vital cog in the Indian lineup for many years, and the continued COVID-19 The threat has seen him put his best foot forward.

Thakur not only makes sure that the situation is under control in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, where he is stationed as Deputy Superintendent of Police, but is also lending a hand to his people, Dabhota, during this hour of crisis. We have created this WhatsApp group, Dabhota Helpers, that includes people from my town. Through this group we have been raising money and helping people in need, especially salaried workers who have no income at the moment. In the last week, my brother and I bought essential food for many workers and their families in our village. We were able to supply them with rice and legumes, Thakur told TOI on Monday.

Thakur has always shown great composure on the kabaddi mat and he is displaying the same demeanor while essaying his duty as a cop as well. While doing duty, I give my 100% and stay focused to make sure that people feel safe. At the same time, I stay calm and make sure not to panic at any point in time as that is the only way I can fulfill my duty diligently, he said.

Thakur revealed that the current situation has made him reevaluate his life. I never imagined a situation like this. I have seen and heard about curfew in certain sections of a city/state, but this block is something that has never happened. It made me more humble and helped me realize that we shouldn't take anything for granted. We walk and see that the streets are empty and abandoned. People are even afraid to shake hands and fear touching their own relatives. My learning from this situation is to prepare for the worst since life is unexpected. Also, here I would like to add, as a Kabaddi player I am proud and wholeheartedly supportive. Pro Kabaddi League who are ensuring that the kabaddi community is well informed about the COVID situation and the authentic government advisory is reaching every player on a regular basis to make sure they are safe, assessed Thakur.

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He felt that people had begun to understand the gravity of the situation thanks to government initiatives. Initially, people were less aware of the seriousness of the situation. Now, with much government awareness, people are informed and take precautions to make sure they stay safe inside, he said.