#LockdownLife: Saurav Das believes in doing his part quietly for society

For the actor Saurav Das is emergency shutdown It is a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, he is learning household chores by helping his wife. Anindite and on the other, he is trying to do his part for society. “ Anindite and I have divided our work at home. While she does the cooking, I help with the cleaning. I am learning new work and doing things that I have never done before. I won’t say I have many complaints. I am quite enjoying them. She made amazing muffins the other day. We have not been stepping out but doing all grocery store online shopping so far. We keep essentials ready for a week and a half in a row. But basically we are eating less now. Even in my childhood, Sundays were only meant for chicken. The rest days were rice and dal ”, he shared.

The actor is a bit baffled with too many videos making a round about the spread of the coronavirus and the way people are dealing with it. “There are two sides to the story. Some do it for free advertising, while others feel they really inspire people to take action. I haven't shared much of what I'm doing so far. I have tried to care for our doorman and his wife who live in our building. We are also buying your ration and I also feed the street dogs in the afternoon. Also, my wife and I try to keep fit by exercising on the terrace at night, ”he added.