CCC begins distributing essentials for film workers

The crown outbreak has caused film shooting across the country to stagnate. As a result, the livelihoods of many salaried workers working on movie sets have been halted. Having access to even basic essentials has become almost impossible for them. In the last month, actor Chiranjeevi along with the support of the Telugu Movie Industry have established the Crown Crisis Charity (CCC) to help cinema workers who are struggling In just a few days, CCC was able to raise a fund from donations from various artists and citizens.

KK Radhamohan was the latest to join the long list of celebrities who donated to the CCC. The producer of the upcoming film Orey... Bujjiga donated a sum of Rs 3 lakhs to the charity. “At times like these, we should help in whatever way we can and the unity among us will ensure the fall of corona,”(sic) he said. He also insisted that everyone should stay home during this lockdown period and protect themselves and their families. With the donations pouring in CCC has already started the distribution of commodities.

Chiranjeevi shared the pictures of the distribution online and wrote, "Distribution of essential commodities, masks &sanitizerstodailywageworkersstartedthisafternoon.సంకల్పానికిసమన్వయంతోడయితే,తోటికార్మికసోదరులకుటుంబాలకికష్టసమయంలోభరోసానివ్వగలంఅని,అండగానిలవగలంఅనిఋజువుచేసినతెలుగుసినీపరిశ్రమకి,ప్రతిఒక్కరికికృతజ్ఞతలు#ccc(sic)

distributionofessentialcommodities,masks& sanitizers to daily wage workers started this afternoon.సంకల్పానికి స… - Chiranjeevi Konidela (@KChiruTweets) 1586093011000