Mallika Dua and Ekta Kapoor enter into a war of words; the first one says: My earnings do not come from Ekta

Seems comedian Mallika Dua The new publication did not go well with the television producer Ekta Kapoor .

Mallika shared that people who differ from the herd should be proud of themselves, considering the ' solid 'I have no idea about things themselves. She gave references from other countries and their leaders in power.

She wrote, "To people who fear they aren’t " solid " enough in their appeal and get sad about that. Don't. It's good. Great in fact. Masses don't know shit. Look who they brought to power in India, America, UK, Brazil, Russia etc etc etc. There's great comfort in knowing you don’t appeal to complete morons. If you’re a crowd pleaser to a largely idiotic crowd you need to rethink your brand."

However, Ekta asked to differ from Mallika and commented: Ppl cannot be classified as mass n class! If your brand appeals to the masses d - great, d lessons - great, for no one - great too! An inclusive society does not foster the intellect of the forehead but the empathy that goes beyond the creed of the religious intellect n class! My two pieces.

To this, Mallika clarified that she was talking about 'majority versus minority' that has nothing to do with class. Take a look at their posts:

ekta mallika embed

Things went to little messy when a user favored Ekta over Mallika. She said, Justification for your own insecurity. Please don't be scared to reply to Ekta Kapoor 's comment, if you're talented enough then there won't be any halt in your work and earnings because of your opinion.

Mallika then told her in response that her earnings did not come from Ekta.

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Mallika has now disabled comments on the post.