Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan writes an open letter criticizing Prime Minister Modi's closure decision

Bigg Boss Tamil presenter Kamal Haasan, who is also an actor, filmmaker and politician. Kamal Haasan has written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi affirms that the decision to impose a 21-day national emergency shutdown , in an attempt to fight the course COVID-19 pandemic, it was wrong.

In his letter Kamal Haasan, founder of the political party Makkal Needhi Maiam , wrote: "Respected Sir, I pen this letter as a responsible but dismayed citizen of our country. In my first letter to you dated 23rd March, I had urged the government to not lose sight of the plight of the unsung heroes of our society, the most downtrodden, the weak and the dependent. The very next day, the nation heard the announcement of a strict and immediate emergency shutdown , almost demonetization style. I was taken aback but I chose to trust you, my elected leader, the one we would like to believe knows best. I had chosen to trust you even when you announced demonetization but time proved I was wrong. Time proved you too were wrong sir."

Praising the mass following that PM Modi enjoys as no other world leader, he added: "My biggest fear is that the same mistake of demonetization is being repeated albeit at a much bigger scale. While demonetization led to loss of savings and livelihood of the poorest, this ill-planned emergency shutdown is leading us to a fatal combination of loss of both life and livelihood. The poor have nobody to look upto except you sir. On one hand you are asking the more privileged people to put up a spectacle of lights while on the other hand the poor man's plight is itself becoming a shameful spectacle. While your world lit up oil diyas in their balconies, the poor are struggling to gather enough oil to bake their next roti."

Your last two addresses to the nation had you trying to calm the people which is necessary in these trying times but there is something more urgent as well as important than that. These psychotherapy techniques can address the first world anxiety problems of the 'haves' Who have a balcony to cheer. But what about those who don't even have a roof on their heads? I am sure you don't want to be a balcony government only for the balcony people by completely ignoring the poor who are biggest constituent of our society, our support system and the foundation on which the middle-class, the well-to-do and the rich build their lives. The poor man never makes it to the front page news but his contribution to nation building both in spirit and in GDP cannot be ignored. He has a majority stake in the nation. History has proven that any efforts to destroy the bottom has led to the toppling of the top. Even science will agree here! Kamal Haasan wrote.

He further stated: This is the first crisis, the first epidemic that the top of the society has inflicted upon the bottom. And the topmost, ie, you sir seem interested in bailing out everybody but those at the bottom. As millions of daily wage laborers, house-helps, street-cart vendors, auto-rickshaw&taxi drivers and helpless migrant workers struggle to see light at the end of the tunnel, we seem to be securing only an already well-built middle-class fortress. Don 't get me wrong sir, I am not suggesting we ignore the middle-class or any one segment. In fact, I am suggesting the exact opposite. I would like to see you doing more to secure everybody's fortress and ensure that nobody goes to bed hungry. COVID-19 will continue to find more victims but we are creating a fertile playground for Hunger (H), Exhaustion (E) and Deprivation (D) of the poor. HED '20 is a malady that is smaller in profile but far deadlier compared to COVID-19 .It's impact will be felt long after COVID-19 has vanished.

Whenever there is a sense that we have a chance to stop the slide, it seems to be sliding into its comfort zone by unleashing an election-style campaign idea. He seems comfortable with outsourcing responsible behavior to ordinary people and transparency to state governments. This is the perception that you are creating, especially among those who spend enough time working and intellectualizing for a great today and tomorrow for India. I am sorry to have offended you by using the word intellectual here, because I know that you and your government do not like that word. But I am a follower of Periyar and Gandhi and I know they were intellectuals first. It is the intellect that guides one to choose a path of justice, equality and prosperity for all.

The focus on simply keeping people's spirits alive through a warm and fuzzy campaign is likely leading your establishment to ignore certain actions that could truly save lives. For a long time in the epidemic, when the entire system of law and order in the country had been primed, his system was unable to stop congregations of ignorant and foolish people in different parts of the country. These have become the most important centers for the spread of the epidemic in India. Who is responsible for all lives lost due to this negligence?

According to the Chinese government's official statement to the WHO, the first confirmed case was reported on December 8. Even if you acknowledge the fact that the world took a long time to understand the gravity of the situation, in early February, everyone knew that this was going to wreak havoc of an unprecedented kind. India's first case was reported on January 30. We had seen what happened to Italy. However, we did not learn our lessons early enough. When we finally woke up from our sleep, you ordered an entire nation of 1.4 billion people to shut down in 4 hours. Only a 4 hour notice period for people when they had a 4 month notice period!

I'm sorry to say, sir, this time your vision failed. Furthermore, your government and its representatives appear to be expending all their energies in a combative response to any constructive comment or criticism. Healthy, well-meaning voices with national interests in mind are quickly, intentionally, and clinically drowned out by trolls in your army and called anti-nationals.

I dare to be called anti-national this time. You cannot blame the common population for being poorly prepared for a crisis of this magnitude, but you can and will be blamed for this. The government is appointed and paid by the people to keep their lives normal and safe.

Events of this magnitude are recorded in history for two reasons, one is the devastation (disease and death) they cause due to their central nature. The second is the long-term impact of what humans are taught to prioritize and the type of partner - the cultural changes they bring about. It saddens me greatly to see our society plagued by an outbreak that is far more dangerous and long-lasting than any virus nature has thrown at us.

Sir, this is the time to hear the voices that really care. It matters to me. It is time to blur all the limits and make a call to everyone to come to his side and help him. India's greatest potential is its human potential and we have overcome major crises in the past. We are going to get through this too, but it must be done in a way that brings everyone together and does not become another reason for choosing sides.

Kamal Haasan ended the letter saying that although angry, he is on the Prime Minister 's side.