Bigg Boss 7 fame, Ratan Rajput, is passing the bull run in a village; says stuck while working on a project

Bigg Boss 7 fame Ratan rajput He has been sharing several videos late showing the village life on social media. The actress, who was working on a project with three other friends, got stuck in a village in Bihar when the emergency shutdown It was announced.

Ratan shared in her video that she does not want to reveal the location as she feels this will invade the privacy of the villagers and does not want people to know who she is either.

The actress in a video shared: “An uncle gave me shelter in his house and we are spending our days in self isolation. I've been moving around in masks, and fortunately no one has recognized me as a television actress. People here think that they are safe in this remote place and that they live their simple life. I don't want to reveal the location and say where I am. My hometown is only 4-5 hours away, but I live here.

In several videos, Ratan showed how she has been handling things alone. From running out of LPG to cooking simple meals, without television, washing clothes, writing prose and poetry and, above all, enjoying the simplicities of life.