Suma Kanakala's sister-in-law and television actress Srilakshmi Kanakala passed away fighting cancer

TV actress Srilakshmi Kanakala , who has been battling cancer for a while, reportedly last breathed her a few hours ago in Hyderabad. She is survived by her husband Peddi Rama Rao and her two daughters Prerna and Ragaleena.

Amrutham actor Harshavardhan He shared a video on his social network a few hours ago urging Rajeev's close circles and Sum Kanakala The family and also the fans should not go outside and visit them in the middle of the Covid-19 blockade. He said that he is making this appeal to everyone after arguing with Rajeev, Suma and Srilakshmi's family.

Srilakshmi Kanakala is the younger sister of popular actor Rajeev Kanakala and sister-in-law of ace Telugu anchor Sum Kanakala .

She made her television debut with her father and eminent actor-mentor-playwright. Kanakala Windings ’s TV show Rajasekhara Charitra. Her father Rajeev Kanakala and Sum Kanakala are popular on Telugu television. In one of her recent interviews, she revealed that she was destined to become an actress since she never wanted to become an actress.

Srilakshmi is popular for his performances at Agnipoolu, Chinnari, Ruthu Geetham, Super Mom, and other shows.

For the unskilled, Srilakshmi's mother, Lakshmi, passed away in February 2018, while Devadas died in August 2019.