Bhumik Shah entertains his fans with live songs on his Instagram account

Popular singer Bhumik Shah is leaving no stone unturned in treating his fans on a day to day basis. With the on-going lockdown, the singer has been doing daily live music sessions on his Instagram account according to the demands of his fans and he's been treating them with his soft voice. We must say that this is an excellent way to relieve people's stress while facing the pandemic that has affected India.

Bhumik not only does live sessions but has also taken up the ‘21 days 21 songs’ challenge wherein each day, the singer posts 1 song on his social media handle to keep his fans happy and hooked. Earlier, the singer shared a story on his Instagram handle where a grid shows all the videos that he has uploaded till now.

Bhumik is a well-known vocalist who has been into contemporary music, folk song and Bollywood numbers. The singer is currently gearing up for his first-ever Hindi untitled single which is all set to release this year.