Money is no problem, but the availability of protective gear is: Kejriwal in Gambhir offer

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Monday said money is not an issue, but the availability of protective equipment for health personnel is, after the BJP MP Gautam Gambhir He accused the Delhi government of not accepting Rs 50lakh from its MPLADS fund.

In a tweet, Gambhir, a deputy from East Delhi, said that Kejriwal's massive egos and his deputy did not allow them to take Rs 50 lakh from their Local Area Development fund.

CM @ArvindKejriwal and his Dy say funds are needed. Although their massive egos did not allow them to take 50L from my LAD fund before, I promise 50L more so that the innocent do not suffer! 1 CR would at least resolve urgent need for masks and PPE kits for days. I hope they give priority to Delhi, Gambhir tweeted.

Responding to that, Kejriwal said: Gautam hee, thanks for your offer. The problem is not the money but the availability of the EPP kits. We would appreciate it if you could help us get them from somewhere right away, the government will buy them. Thank you.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Gambhir said that Sisodia claims that funds are needed to meet the growing demand for medical equipment in Delhi government hospitals.

In addition to the Rs 50 lakh that I had promised two weeks ago, I would like to pledge more than Rs50 lakh from my MPLAD to your kind office in the hope that this amount will be used in the acquisition of medical personnel equipment as well as treatment, he said. the BJP MP in the letter.

Earlier, Gambhir had accused the AAP government of shedding crocodile tears and playing the victim's card on the subject, saying that he had been offered Rs 50 lakh for PPE kits and masks, but received no comment.

Kejriwal said Saturday that his government requested PPE kits from the Center, but none was received.

Sisodia had demanded a Center disaster fund to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Delhi, saying it was the third most affected state in the country.

In a letter to the Union's finance minister, he said the Center released more than Rs 17 billion rupees to the states from the disaster fund, but not a single rupee was delivered to Delhi.

I also demanded a disaster fund for Delhi in a letter to the central government. The Center released Rs 17 billion to states to fight the crown from the disaster fund, but Delhi was not given a single rupee.

The country should fight as one at this hour. This discrimination is regrettable, Sisodia said in a tweet.

The coronavirus cases in Delhi have crossed 500 and seven deaths from the virus have been reported.