I am waiting for things to return to normal and fly with my mother in Dehradun: Neha Saxena

The ' Kasaba Actress of fame Neha Saxena was filming for his next Mollywood movie ‘Five’ when the Coronavirus outbreak started. As the global concern also affected Kerala, the film industry in the state announced a halt for all shootings happening within the state. Neha was filming for her investigative thriller ‘Five’ in Palakkad and the sudden breakdown and halt of flights affected her journey back to her hometown in Dehradun. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, Neha Saxena speaks about how the emergency shutdown It has affected her and how she remains committed.

“The shoot was going good, I was supposed to be joining my next soon. But sometimes our plans don't work accordingly. God has some other plans, ”Neha Saxena recounts how things went haywire in a brief time period. the makers had planned for a 45-day schedule for ‘Five’ and they had barely filmed for 20 days when the Coronavirus pandemic forced them to suspend the filming.

Along with a emergency shutdown , all international and domestic flights were halted and Neha who hails from Dehradun was stuck in Palakkad as she could not fly back to her hometown Dehradun. “So, the borders were locked. I was really concerned and scared about what to do next. There weren’t direct flights to Dehradun. So I had to travel from Kochi to Bangalore, then to Delhi and from there to Dehradun. But then again my tickets were not done. But luckily my friend Jithu, his wife and family who live in Kuttippuram invited me and took me to their house. They insisted on me staying as there wasn’t any way for me to go back to Dehradun. And a day after, a complete emergency shutdown was announced,” Neha adds elaborating on how the Coronavirus pandemic and the following emergency shutdown affected her.

“Now I live with his family of 28 members. Jithu and his wife and family are trying to make me feel at home. I am very happy about that. They have made me feel like one of them. They cook delicious South Indian cuisine for me and I have introduced them to the Punjabi delicacies, ”adds Neha, confirming that she is safe and happy in Kuttippuram, Kerala.

the Actress who is the only daughter of her parents is very worried about her mother who is back in Dehradun. “She has to do things alone, I have arranged things. But still, it's kind of depressing. And also, right now, if you're with your family, your worries will be cut in half. I am waiting for things to return to normal and fly with my mother in Dehradun, ”says Neha expressing concern for her mother.

When asked about how the Actress is keeping herself engaged during the emergency shutdown , Neha joyfully adds that she is closely watching the joint family structure at her friend’s place where she is staying and also finding pleasure in cooking some desi Punjabi cuisine including phulkas and palak ka saag and more importantly, exploring the authentic taste of Kerala!