City schoolboys offer support to those in need during the running of the bulls

In a few years, when we see this pandemic, we will remember the people who helped us overcome it. People and groups across the city are working tirelessly to bring some relief to people who have been hit hardest by the blockade. Recent additions to the list of good Samaritans are city universities. The staff and students of various institutes in the city are doing their best to help those in need. Ahmedabad Times explores.

Schoolboys give a helping hand:

Many city universities are trying to find ways to help people in need now. Although educational institutions are on a break now, staff, faculty members, and students are actively helping those in need.

Khushali Purohit, NCC Associate Officer at PDPU shares: “As part of an awareness program, the cadets at the university are helping the disadvantaged during the shutdown. From cooking food to give to those in need to delivering essentials to those in need, students are doing the best they can. Girls receive special training that allows them to teach people the basics of sanitation and how to disinfect themselves.

Monetary donations to offer relief:

The University of Nirma, in a little to help people during the closure, made a contribution of ₹ 20 lakhs to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. More than 600 university staff members joined together to make the contribution. Richa Mishra, Head of the Humanities Department at Nirma University shares: “This is the time for the crisis. This is the most difficult and extraordinary moment for our country. We need to support the nation, our community, and our loved ones. We hope this small contribution adds something of value to this gigantic task of protecting our vulnerable and elderly loved ones. ”