Nitish Bharadwaj: Why target Sonakshi Sinha? Older people are worthy of respect if they practice empathy

With the original 'Mahabharat' and 'Ramayan' rerunning in Doordarshan, the actors in the shows are happy that the new generation is able to watch the shows and learn about Indian mythology. In this context, actor Mukesh Khanna, better known as Shaktimaan and Bhishma from 'Mahabharat' in an interview, said how the repetitions of Ramayan & Mahabharat will help peple like Sonakshi Sinha , who don't know anything about mythology. The Bollywood actress was not able to answer a question on Ramayan in the show ' Kaun Banega Crorepati ', when Amitabh Bachchan I had asked him.

Nitish Bharadwaj, who played Krishna in Mahabharat has however reacted differently to Khanna's view on Sonakshi. He said, "I would like to tell my friend Mukesh Khanna that there may be a whole new generation which doesn't know details of Indian heritage & its literature. It is not their fault. There was a sea change in India’s economic environment after 1992 that everyone started running the rat race, trying to make their careers & prosper financially. If at all we need to fault someone, which I don’t think is the answer, then it is the previous generation parents, who failed to expose their children to our heritage & literature. It is also due to our myopic educational system, implemented by the British during the Raj, which leaves no room for cultural & value-based education to be a part of our regular curriculum. The pressure on parents to put their children in after-school tuitions is so high that this additional spare time cannot be devoted to imparting religious values & texts to the children. Failure to change or modify this educational system has been the failure of most governments post 1947. Any effort made to the contrary is labelled as ‘religious fanaticism’. So there are many system related faults which have resulted in this syndrome."

He added, "Why target Sonakshi alone? There's always a better way to say the same thing. A balanced, soft & empathetic way; & it is received better too. Seniors seem worthy of respect if they walk the path of empathy."

Ask Bharadwaj if he saw Ekta Kapoor's version of 'Mahabharat' on television or Siddharth Kumar Tewary 's Mahabharat ' & he said, "I saw Ekta Kapoor's version & it went off-air abruptly. Ekta as an individual is very creative & her production studio has all the wherewithal to work on such huge subjects; but probably the channel didn’t give her adequate time to do research in the subject & her team failed to mount the show responsibly - in terms of research, screenplay, dialogues & casting. I haven't watched Tewary's ' Mahabharat ' so cannot comment on it.