Exclusive - Dipika Chikhlia from Ramayan: in those days women were much more progressive, they shared their opinion as an equal

DD's 'Ramayan' sparked the feminism debate on Twitter recently as the Indian audience had a chance to revisit the epic again. The discussion had taken a gender turn with some viewers calling Queen Kaikeyi a b ** ch and abusing Manthara . Dipika Chikhlia , who is still addressed and known as Sita for many, he spoke to Etimes TV exclusively about the recent debate and shared that if the Kaikeyi character is hated, the character deserves it.

She said: A lot of hatred is shown towards the character of Kaikeyi, but she has changed the plot of the story. The story is about relationships, and her character gives the plot a twist. There is always one person in a family or organization, who is selfish and thinks only of himself. This is society and the world. So if she is hated for that, then it is the right mindset to hate her. You actually have those people around you.

There has also been a debate centered on the feminism quotient on the show. While some users felt that Ramayan was not treating his female characters fairly, others felt that the story advocates for the empowerment of women. On this Dipika shared: “In those days, women were treated more equitably and they were given more respect. They had a mind in mind. When Ram Rajya happens, I've made Sita sit on the throne. That's the kind of power Sita had. He stood by her. At every step you will perform, she might not have great dialogues but she always did what she wanted to do. The women always had the right to do what they wanted and their spouses supported them. ”

Also, Dipika is overwhelmed to see the phenomenal response from the audience as it drew 170 million viewers. The actress said: In a way, I didn't expect this phenomenal response from the younger generation. I always knew it will be successful. 30 years ago, the children have grown up and they are all mature adults. I knew they would want to see the same magic on screen once again and influence their family to see the show as well. ”

“My daughter and her friends have always seen me as Sita. It wasn’t anything unusual as they have seen me in the Sita’s get-up always. But yes, they are appreciating the process of storytelling, ”added Dipika.