CRPF airlifts a LoC man after his son begins a 2,100km bike trip from Mumbai in the middle of the shutdown

NEW DELHI: Mohammad Arif, a 30-year-old vigilante who worked in Mumbai, was barely able to control his tears as he stopped his 2,200 km bike trip in Vadodara on Sunday on his way to a reunion with his sick father, who was suffering from brain hemorrhage and trapped near the LoC at Jammu's due to the 21-day lockout.

Arif's 2-minute video of his epic journey filmed by some locals on the Kandivali highway in Mumbai while cycling to Ahmedabad had gone viral three days ago.

On Sunday, even when he arrived in Vadodara after two days on the road, a team stationed near the LoC and moved by his plight pressured his paratroopers to transport Arif's father to the hospital in a Pawan Hans helicopter, a journey of 40 minutes. They also alerted him and asked them to try to contact Arif and stop his bicycle trip since aid was arranged for him.

He soon requested a private goods delivery truck to take Arif to Jodhpur, from where the rest of his journey would be facilitated to meet his father. The CRPF has promised that a vehicle will pick you up in Jodhpur and take you to Delhi and then to Jammu.

It was a miracle for him, the good people he met during his trip, the kindness of strangers. In Mumbai, for example, a man named Dipesh Tank, a builder by profession, helped me transmit my photos and stories to social media. There was Mohsin bhai in Ahmedabad who filled my bag with enough food for a few days. And there was the media and the CRPF, Arif told TOI. My wife and three children were alone in my village in Rajouri when my father suffered a stroke on April 2. He had come to Mumbai just 28 days ago. I hope I can see my father alive.

Zulfiqar Hasan, CRPF Special DG (J&kzone)said:therewasacallonourmadadgarhelplinefromatelevisioncorrespondent.dr.suneemkhanofthe28thbattalioncontactedthejammuandkashmirphysiciansassociationandapawanhanshelicopterquicklyorganizedthismorning(sunday)at10.30amtotakearif'sfathertojammuhospital.