Aditi Bhatia unable to return from Los Angeles due to coronavirus blockade

World chaos due to the spread of the novel. coronavirus it has left many Indians in the lurch in foreign lands. TV actress Aditi Bhatia , popularly known as Ruhi in ' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ', who traveled to the United States on February 14 to attend an acting workshop, is now trapped there and cannot return due to flight cancellation.

When BT contacted her, she said, “I had planned to stay a few days after my course ended on March 5, to meet up with my childhood friends and explore Los Angeles. But then, the COVID-19 The pandemic changed everything. A few days before my scheduled return date to India, the airlines informed me that my flight had been canceled. By the way, before emergency shutdown When it was announced in India, my mother also flew to meet my aunt in Philadelphia. She was supposed to meet me, but I canceled her flight as it was not safe for her to travel. We are both here now, albeit in different cities. However, we are well and safe.

The actress admitted that it is better to be in one's homeland in such difficult times. The 20-year-old added: “My mother and I live in Mumbai, while the rest of my family, nani, mom, mom and cousin, live in Baroda. I am in contact with all of them through video calls. However, the fact that I can't be with my nani is heartbreaking. I am also concerned about my mom and mommy, who are doctors. Although they closed their hospital, they are currently working in a government hospital.

She shared, “I just want to return to India, quarantine myself for 14 days and be with them. I am terribly homesick. Having said that, just the thought of travelling is scary because of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the US. We are waiting for things to return to normal. It would have been better if I were home with nani and mom even if there was a emergency shutdown . I would have at least been in India in my own home.”