Appoint officers to issue authorization letters to key supply chain firms: center to states

NEW DELHI: The Center has urged states to appoint nodal officers to issue letters of authorization to companies and organizations that have essential assets across the country so that they can operate smoothly.

In a letter to all top secretaries, the Union secretary urged the state administration to issue electronic passes for employees of those companies. The consumer affairs ministry has developed an e-pass system solution, which states can adopt.

Referring to a recent communication issued by the Interior Ministry about allowing drivers to get to trucks, Agarwal urged states to facilitate the movement of drivers from their homes to trucks.

He has also mentioned the need to allow a truck driver and an assistant to move forward, if the driver has a valid driver's license.

TOI reported Thursday for the first time how Center was preparing frames for these reliefs to truckers and helpers.

The secretary for consumer affairs has also urged states to facilitate the availability of labor in factories, warehouses, transportation and distribution of essential foods and appealing to homeowners, societies and villagers to allow workers go to work, secretary of consumer affairs to the states.

The labor shortage for such jobs has been identified as a major problem. The ministries of consumer affairs and food processing are working on a plan to provide additional incentives to the workforce to carry out essential services after April 14.