Government analyzes sops for workers in key services

NEW DELHI: Ministries of consumer affairs and food processing will prepare an additional incentive proposal for them to participate to encourage them to work after April 14.

Sources said the framework will be ready soon and this is being done considering that the critical workforce to secure the supply chain and essential services may initially hesitate. Therefore, it is necessary to give some incentive to that critical mass.

There is also a fear that the labor force that is now trapped in cities may prefer to return to their places of origin. The government will have to offer them something extra to stay behind and work as soon as the umbrella closes, even gradually.

The government will also focus on moving non-perishable items to the northeast states and even the leverage option of a special letter will remain open for this.

“The goal is to ensure that there is a smooth movement of goods across the country through all means of transportation when the closure ends. There will be a sudden surge in demand and the supply chain has to meet that sudden requirement, a source said.