Choti Sardarni's Amal Sehrawat: acting is a seasonal job

" Choti Sardarni actor Amal Sehrawat he thinks show business is quite unpredictable and one needs to secure himself with an alternative source of income.

Acting is seasonal work and needs to be financially fed from an alternative source of finance. One must have alternative options. It will make you feel safer and you can do your job better, he said.

Of course, until the time the show airs, it not only provides you with regular income but also regular popularity, the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor.

There was a time lapse between his two shows and the actor said he tried his luck in movies, the web, and other events during this time.

I made the movie ' Sarkar 3 '. I also did a web series called 'Untouchables' directed by Vikram Bhatt . I also did events, he said.

Speaking about working in different media, Amal said that working on a television show is the most challenging.

Television trains an actor to perform at their best in minimal time and work for grueling hours, without losing freshness. The challenge is to give the channel a minimum of 21 minutes of footage every day. Most importantly, television grants instant popularity. since filming and transmission almost happened simultaneously, he said.