Tablighi chief ignored clergy advice on canceling meeting

AYODHYA: Chief Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi reportedly did not listen to the advice and requests of several high-ranking clerics, Muslim intellectuals and his own assistants to cancel the March 2020 meeting shortly after the outbreak of the.

His stubborn attitude has not only endangered the lives of hundreds of his own followers, who were taught to place blind faith in him, but also tarnished images of Muslims, many community members say. Many of those who attended the markaz have tested positive for the virus and have been quarantined, while Saad remains in hiding with a handful of his musheers.

While 30% of all crown cases in the country are linked to Jamaat, in UP this count rises to almost 50%.

While the other Tablighi Jamaat faction, Shura-e-Jamaat, which is based in Gate, Delhi, canceled all of its events immediately after the outbreak, Maulana Saad, unflappable, insisted on continuing her scheduled program and preaching on the best death in the mosque, as heard on one of his viral audio tapes.

A Tablighi Jamaat veteran, Mohammad Aalam, said: Saad was aware of everything, but his stubborn attitude pushed innocent Tablighis into the jaws of a pandemic. How can man, who claims to be the Ameer of the world's Muslims and calls the Tablighi Markaz the most sacred place afterwards and Madina, so ignorant of the coronavirus pandemic, he asked.

Another former Tablighi member, Liyaqat Ali Khan of Mau, said: “Why did Maulana Saad advise garbage to responsible Muslim intellectuals? And why is the virus hiding and not being checked?

A close confidant of Maulana Saad told TOI on condition of anonymity that repeated requests to cancel the event fell on deaf ears. Now, he has brought his own followers to the brink, he said.

Congressman Meem Afzal and another Muslim leader Zafar Sareshwala have revealed to the media about various tips sent to Maulana Saad to cancel the meeting, but he remained intransigent.

However, Maulana Haaris, another Saad's aide, defended their leader saying that “when our jamaats came from foreign countries, the Indian government allowed them to enter. How is it our fault?