Djibouti: There is no Covid-19 threat in the region we are shooting: SJ Sinu

While the Malayalam film industry has suspended almost all filming since the need for social estrangement and quarantine was announced, a couple of M-Town films in foreign locations have continued filming.

We are approaching the Djibouti crew who are shooting in Africa to find out how they are faring. Director S J Sinu tells us, “We are shooting the film by isolating ourselves in a remote place called Tadjoura, one of the oldest towns in Djibouti. So far, there is no Covid-19 threat here. We are safe as Tadjoura sparsely populated. However, there is the possibility of diseases like malaria. ”


Actors Amith Chakalakkal, Dileesh Pothan , Gregory and Anjali Upasana are in Tadjoura as part of the shoot. We are taking the proper precautions, practicing hygiene and using disinfectants. We know that we cannot travel back to India until the blockade is lifted. We are planning to shoot here until April 18, if things go well, says Sinu.


the Uppum Mulakum director’s debut movie tells a love story set in two countries, India and Djibouti . the team had plans to shoot a song sequence in China. "But we did not that due to Corona outbreak in China,” he sums up.