Coronavirus: Kerala tops the recovery rate chart

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Reported the country's highest Covid-19 recovery rate of 84% based on how the first 25 patients who tested positive between March 9-20 responded to treatment. Overall, the recovery rate is 17% among 314 confirmed cases since January 30, when the first patient to return to Wuhan tested positive.

As on Sunday morning, Maharashtra had a recovery rate of 5.5% (35 cases), while that of Delhi stood at 4.04% (18 cases). Healthcare experts attribute Kerala's healthy recovery rate and lowest mortality among all states (two deaths so far, compared to 32 in Maharashtra as of Saturday night, 6 in Delhi and 11 in Telangana and MP ), to the early identification of positive cases and their admission to specialized Covid service rooms.

Maharashtra, which had reported a large number of cases alongside Kerala in March, also showed a decent recovery rate. But what Kerala has managed to do and Maharashtra has failed to prevent a sudden outbreak in cases since then. Kerala has also reported a faster download rate in several cases.

As of Saturday, Kerala had collected 9,744 samples to analyze, the second highest after Rajasthan.