Yukti Kapoor from Maddam Sir is an avid reader, shares This free time is devoted to books

Yukti Kapoor, popularly known as Subinspector Karishma Singh since Maddam Sir, he's always seen following a demanding schedule for the show to go on and continues to entertain fans with his performance.

With outbreaks on hold now, Yukti is making the best use of this spare time to diligently follow the mantra of staying home, staying safe, and pursuing her other passions in life.

Yukti is busy pampering herself with some homemade solutions for her skin, “My skin is sensitive and due to our daily shoot routine and wearing make-up for long hours, our skin usually misses the pampering it deserves. So, during this time-off since the shoot, my skin is finally breathing, and I am trying out different natural home remedies to give my skin, the much-needed healthy boost. Being an avid reader, I am also indulging in all the books I can get my hands on. I used to even carry my books on the set but staying home and reading with a view in front of me is a dream for every booklover.”

Emphasizing the importance of positivity and fitness, Yukti added: “We as a country are going through a period of testing and praying that we will overcome this obstacle soon. At the same time, I think that as citizens we should have a positive attitude and participate in the things we enjoy doing at home, which makes us happy. I'm following an exciting schedule where I pamper myself, exercise, read books, play badminton at night, and spend time with my family. All of these activities are my mantra to keep fit, happy and positive.

Yukti also shared a message for all the fans and viewers of Maddam Sir, “While we all take care of ourselves, let's also try and help people through this difficult time and be thankful to everyone who are still working to help us all get through this phase and ensuring our needs are met. Be kind, be happy, stay safe and believe this too shall pass. ”