Government is considering another package to minimize the impact of the blockade: Sources

NEW DELHI: The government It has begun solving possible post-closure scenarios and is considering another booster shot to minimize the impact and revive the economy, but has not yet been finalized, senior officials said Sunday.

The focus is on problems that may arise after it gets up on April 15, an official said.

There have been discussions about a package but nothing has yet been finalized, the official said, adding that the idea is to revive consumption, so some measures may be necessary.

If a package is announced, it would be the third major initiative by the government to tackle the challenges thrown up by the rapid spread of coronavirus.

March 24, hours before Prime Minister Narendra Modi Declared a national blockade, the Minister of Finance announced a series of relief measures for taxpayers and companies.

Two days later, Sitharaman announced a Rs 1.7-lakh-crore relief package for those most affected.

On Sunday, the officials said they are also looking at the possibility of redesigning some welfare and other government schemes to suit the post-lockdown situation.

Various options are on the table — such as scholarships and fellowships given by ministries, harvesting of rabi crops and the government has started to address them one by one, they said.

Of the 10 empowered groups of high-ranking bureaucrats formed by the prime minister to prepare India's response to COVID-19, one group is tasked with suggesting economic measures.

An informal group of ministers, chaired by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, is also investigating various aspects of the blockade.