Raghu Kunche releases a song called Mahammari about coronavirus

During these dark times, artists in Tollywood have been doing their best to cheer people up, even with songs about new coronaviruses.

PM Modi had also previously shared a song composed by director Koti and appreciated the efforts made to combat the virus. Now music composer Raghu Kunche has composed a number called Mahammari , who has also sung and presents. The number is very catchy, mainly due to the popular Andhra essence added to the number. The song begins with Seppina kills inakunte urine, and continues with some forceful lines such as Ninnu ongabetti mingutaadi urine. The lyricist and author Sira Sri has written these lyrics .

Raghu Kunche shared the number on his social media and wrote, Song on Present situation. Watch it ... if possible Raising hands. Plz Don’t mind aa (sic). He also says the song is ‘Konchem Natu, Konchem Ghatu’ which means it is a little harsh and also straight forward.