It was a coincidence: Radhika Apte in his directorial debut 'Sleepwalkers'

Radhika Apte, who is making her directorial debut with the short film 'Sleepwalkers', believes it is incorrect to say that the lack of good opportunities often pushes actors to turn to other aspects of cinematography.

Protagonist Shahana Goswami and Gulshan Devaiah, 'Sleepwalkers' is about how people sometimes choose blindness over sight.

The film was shot last year but has not yet been released.

There are always less exciting things that happen for female actors from the start. There are very few projects and everyone is trying to get that project. The reason people turn to film production is when they settle down, have the money and the resources to become producers. When they enter the industry, they don't have that.

We have such strange notions that after getting married actresses don't get a job and when you start producing or directing it means you're doomed as an actor. We look at things in black and white, Radhika said in an interview.

The 34-year-old actor hopes more people will venture into directing.

Citing the example of actor-director Konkana Sen Sharma He said, There are probably only two of us and that is sad. I completely agree that people think 'he's directing, so it's because he doesn't want to act anymore, he's changing departments or he's not getting enough work.'

Why does any of this have to be, why can't I do both? I can act and direct certain projects, if I need it or feel like doing it. I hope that more people will venture into this.

Radhika said she was already trying to write and that 'Sleepwalkers' happened by chance.

It happened by coincidence. I wrote this short film and was reading it for Abhishek Chaubey and Honey Trehan. They said they will do so immediately. I wanted to do it in the monsoon, but when we decided to do it, it was over. It was October at that time and we had to shoot immediately.

The actor said he had extensive experience directing the short film and supervising various film-related aspects from directing to editing.

It is extraordinary to do different things if they interest you, you learn more about the other department. It was extremely enriching. Now I know much more about cinema than before. I know how many mistakes I made. I realize it. It is fascinating and I would love to direct again.

On the acting front, Radhika has a movie titled 'Raat Akeli Hai' with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.