The army opens a command hospital to assist the Jammu and Kashmir administration in the fight against the coronavirus

UDHAMPUR: Lending its support to the administration and fighting the Army, the Army said Sunday that it opened its hospital here to analyze samples of suspects. The hospital is fully equipped to treat patients infected with the disease and many have been converted to crown-specific intensive care units, the hospital commander, Major General S C Gupta, told reporters.

We have always been victorious in wars against our enemies. This time our fight is against Covid-19 and the command hospital is also fully prepared to record its victory over the disease, he said.

Maj. Gen. Gupta said the army responded quickly to civilians' request in accordance with its tradition of helping the government deal with any eventuality.

The civil administration approached us on April 1 and, without wasting time, we began to analyze from the next day and so far 68 samples have been analyzed at the command hospital, he said.

He said the command hospital's molecular biology lab was recently validated and approved by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for testing.

Major said that many wards have been transformed into crown-specific ICUs in the hospital to address coronavirus cases.

We have transformed many rooms into isolation units with an adequate number of fans, multi-stage monitors and oxygen concentrators. These 100-bed rooms have been converted to corona-specific ICUs, he said.

The Army officer said a team of specialists was assigned the job to handle the suspected cases, while an adequate number of hazard suits, N-95 masks and protective equipment were purchased for health workers. >