Walking and hitchhiking: how 7 returned to Tamil Nadu from Maharashtra

TRICHY: Seven people from the Tiruvarur district, who were stranded at their workplace in Maharashtra due to the national closure, traveled around 1,000 km in six days by hitchhiking and walking to Trichy. On Saturday, the good Samaritans dropped all seven, after taking advantage of the district administration's vehicle pass in their native villages.

The seven, who were in their early 20s and worked at an agriculture-based manufacturing company in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, claimed they were stranded at their workplace after the closure was announced. With all modes of public transport suspended, they arrived at the Solapur Vegetable Market on March 29. From there, they hitchhiked in a truck loaded with onions bound for Tamil Nadu. After six days, they arrived in Salem early on Saturday morning. After traveling a certain distance on foot, they hitchhiked again in several trucks carrying basic goods and arrived at Musiri in the Trichy district through the Namakkal district. Since we couldn't find Musiri trucks, we walked to the city of Trichy. Although shelter and food were provided at our workplace in Solapur, we were desperate to return home and meet our families, said S Rahul, one of the youth. he said to TOI.

At Thiruvanaikoil, the locals claimed to help them after learning of their interstate journey. Subsequently, they approached the district administration with the documents required to obtain permission to travel. After verification, the seven were immediately provided with a vehicle pass to travel between Trichy and Tiruvarur. Thiruvanaikoil-based photographer J Arunkumar assisted the youth and hired a van to drop the seven off in their villages.