Punnya Pradeep from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam: I will always be grateful to the show for making me a better singer

Musical reality show ' Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam 'It's coming to the grand finale and viewers are eagerly awaiting the winner of the debut season. Even if you couldn't make it to the grand final, contestant Punnya Pradeep She is happy that she has come this far on the show. In a free chat with ETimes TV, Punnya, who was eliminated in the semifinal round, shared her experience on the talent search show.

I am very happy to be one of the 'Top 10' of the show. I never thought it would go that far. Thanks to all the team for supporting me, he said.

Music lovers can never forget some of the soulful renditions of this young singer in 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam'. From pianist Ralfin Stephen singer Sujatha Mohan , everyone at the shooting range couldn't hold back tears after hearing Punnya's version of the popular Malayalam song 'Akale'. Punnya, who faced many difficulties in life, became popular with her powerful performances.

Speaking about the lessons she learned from the show, Punnya shared that the show made her a better performer.

I will always be grateful to the show for making me a better singer. Now even the way I heard a song changed. I started to focus on the soul of the song and tried to interpret it with the exact feel of it. The singer shared.

Punnya is also happy for all of her contestants who made it to the grand final and wished them all the best for the big stage.

We have all reached this stage and they are all versatile singers. They will play the stage, Punnya said.