Watch: Adrija Roy flaunts her love of music

' Mangal Chandi 'Actress Adrija Roy He is quite a talented individual. In addition to acting, Adrija is also passionate about music. She is using the closing period and spending time on music. She makes sure to maintain a well-balanced routine throughout the day and spend some time on music.

I am always passionate about music. I learned music for 9 years, says Adrija.

The actress is trying to spend quarantine time at home effectively. To stay healthy and positive, she is reading books, following a simple training regimen, and spending time with her family. Whether it's during a family session or enjoying a moment, music is always your companion these days. She says: “I love to sing whenever I have time. Especially now, I'm spending more time on keeping the music positive. ”

The actress unleashed her musical side and sang a beautiful song exclusively for Etimes TV.

Here is the video:

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Career wise, Adrija is quite successful in television. Presently, she is playing the lead in mythological show ‘ Mangal Chandi ’. The actress also played the lead in Saheb Chatterjee star show Sanyasi Raja.