The United States will airlift 22,000 Americans stranded abroad; many in India

WASHINGTON: The United States is aggressively working to airlift some 22,000 Americans stranded abroad, many of them in India, due to the pandemic, a senior official said.

So far, the United States has repatriated some 37,000 Americans stranded abroad due to the pandemic and plans to bring an additional 22,000 of its citizens, many of whom are in South Asia, especially India, said deputy chief undersecretary for Affairs Ian Brownlee during a conference. call on friday

We have repatriated approximately 37,000 US citizens from more than 60 countries on more than 400 flights. It includes more than 20,000 Americans repatriated last week alone, Brownlee said.

He said United States Department of State It has approximately 70 flights scheduled for the next few days that should bring several thousand more US citizens back.

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South Asia now has the majority of American citizens who want to return. So far, the United States has brought home nearly 1,000 South Asian Americans and is working aggressively to help thousands more who have expressed an interest in returning, Brownlee said.

The total number that we are seeing abroad right now is approximately 22,000. The greatest number of them, certainly the plurality of them, is in the south and Central Asia , many of them in India, he added.

Brownlee urged Americans to return to their home country as soon as possible.

For American citizens contemplating whether or not to return home, the time to act is now. The flights will not continue indefinitely, but we want to do everything we can to help you while we can still do so, he said.

More than 60,000 people have died from coronavirus since it was first detected late last year in China.

With more than three lakh of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and more than 8,000 deaths, the US USA They have become the global epicenter of the deadly coronavirus disease for which there has been no cure.