Now I see life from a new perspective: Mohan Raja

To combat the crown pandemic, the government had announced a national campaign. emergency shutdown for 21 days While people continue to work from home, they also use this time to rekindle their hobbies, exercise, experiment in the kitchen, and more. Ask the director Mohan Raja how he’s using the emergency shutdown period, and he says, “I’m spending time with my family, playing games and doing things I couldn’t before owing to my work schedule. More than me taking care of them, the kids are taking care me, not allowing me to step out. They are well informed. I’m seeing life in a new perspective now.”

Raja feels that for the type of population India has, the country is handling the crisis smoothly. “So we must be strong and do our bit for those in need. It took me five days to understand the nature of the pandemic and digest what was happening around me. Humans are the carriers of viruses. Therefore, we can contain the spread through self-isolation. Yes, disadvantaged people and salaried workers have difficulties, but we can help them individually instead of complaining about their situation. I am doing my part for them and want others to do what they can, he says.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been flooded with memes, comparing PM's lit-lights request with the sequences on his Sivakarthikeyan-starrer. The two situations are completely different, but the idea is to achieve unity between people, he says, at a time when doctors and experts are working to find a solution to this problem. coronavirus Pandemic, the best thing that we as citizens can do is to maintain peace and not create panic. During any crisis, the only option we have is to stay together. And that is what our PM has asked for. He wants us to be united, but of course, keep social distance!