Look: dancer Ramzan Muhammed recalls his memories of the reality show

Dancer Ramzan Muhammed He became a household name with his entrance to the reality show 'D4 Dance'. Either 'D3' or ' Dance Kerala Dance Ramzan never missed a single opportunity to woo the audience.

Recently, Ramzan was seen sharing some of the videos of his best performances on the shows.

Backing up to the final performance of DKD (dance Kerala dance), Ramzan shared one of his best performances on the show. On the spot, Ramzan was seen portraying the character of a patient with schizophrenia and was rated one of the season's best performances. Notably, Ramzan and his partner Amritha He has taken first place on the show after this particular performance.

Here is the video:

Ramzan has also shared a retroactive video of the semi-final performance of his debut reality show ' D 4 Dance '. In the video, Ramzan and his team are seen nailing an aerial act with perfection. Interestingly, the former judge of the show, Priya mani He commented in the publication that he was one of the best in the program.

Ramzan Muhammed shot to fame by winning the title of the dance reality show 'D 4 Dance'. Later, the dancer was seen as the mentor of the third season of the show. The dancer has won a million hearts with his flawless performances. Lately, Ramzan was paired with dancer Amritha in the show 'Dance Kerala Dance' and the duo has won the title too.