Ganesh Venkatram gives Ramayana example to deal with blockade

Ganesh Venkatram, who has been spending emergency shutdown , with his wife Nisha and her daughter Samaira shared some ideas on how covid-19 should be treated. He shared some lessons from the Ramayana epic.

He wrote: “I thought about sharing some interesting Ramayana lessons that we can reflect on and apply during this Covid crisis19. WHEN Ram was suddenly subjected to Vanavas for 14 years: the first thing he did was realize that the occurrence of this situation was beyond his control and he GRAVELY accepted it. We have only been given a few days of Grihavaas, we can happily accept it. After thinking deeply about the current situation, he together with sita and Laxman decided that they should dedicate these 14 years to develop their MENTAL POWERS. We must use this time to develop our powers and contributions mk as well. If Bharath manages to manage an entire kingdom without being in the city, then we can do our work from home. Kaikeyi believed the rumors that seemed to be in his favor and caused total destruction. Be very careful what you believe and share.

He added: “Lakshman was completely vigilant and was vigilant for 14 years, we can be vigilant for a few days and prevent the virus from entering our homes. Seeta was confined to Ashok Vatika for a whole year and was subjected to severe mental torture, but she kept her spirits up as she thought of the Lord. We can definitely do the same. Hanuman changed his size, his focus, his strategy continuously as the situation demanded but he ensured that the job was done. We need to be innovative to make sure we complete our tasks and accept changing circumstances.

In this time of conflict, there is much we can learn from our beautiful epics. Share your reflections and learnings too.