Coronavirus crisis: in a live session, which students, parents, asked Delhi CM

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Vinay Bhushan, deputy principal of CM and director of education, faced a host of questions during the live video interaction session: “Parenting at the time of the crown” on Saturday. They answered questions from parents and children. He also attended the session.

Questions asked by students

Why can't we go out and play?

CM Arvind Kejriwal: You may come in contact with virus if someone sneezes or if there’s spit nearby. That is why social distancing is necessary. We have to break this chain

Will we miss our summer vacation this year?

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia: These are unprecedented times and it was critical, so we had to close schools until April 14. Parents and people associated with education can give us vacation tips

The exams for classes IX and XI could not be done due to the blockage. Are they going to happen?

Director of Education Binay Bhushan: There were only a couple of exams left. We have decided to announce the results within a couple of days after the block ends. Results will be based on exams already taken.

By parents

How can we sensitize our children to daily salaried workers?

Kejriwal: We are taking steps to ensure that daily wagering workers receive food. But government efforts fall if people don't intervene. Parents must take the initiative and make sure that no one is hungry in their areas. If you have help at the office and at home on leave, give them your salary. Your actions will sensitize children.

All the news is about coronaviruses and deaths these days. How do we get out of this negativity?

Educator Seemant Dadwal: Families can structure their days to be away from social media. Start doing activities at home and create a positive environment.

On twitter

How much time should my nephew, Rishabh, who is in class IV, spend studying and playing during the confinement? - Adarsh ​​Tiwari

Kejriwal: Blocking or not blocking, it is always good to have a healthy balance between the two. You may want to spend more time with Rishabh during blocking.

I am an IIT-JEE applicant and I need your advice on how to use your time, as you are also an IITian and a notable leader in the field of education. - Anunay Kumar

Kejriwal: Anunay, I don't know what class you are in. But when I was in Class XII, my whole year was almost like a close. I had almost locked myself in an upstairs room preparing for JEE.