26 Covid-19 cases in Assam, northeast count increases to 30

GUWAHATI/AGARTALA: With a 57-year-old former BSF jawan testing positive for the northeast coronavirus on Sunday, the total number of cases in this region rose to 30, including 26 in, ministers and officials said.

One more positive case of Covid-19 from Cachar district (southern Assam) was confirmed, bringing the total count in Assam to 26. The patient participated in the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Nizamuddin in Delhi, said the health minister of Assam in a statement. Cheep.

Of the 30 positive cases in four northeastern states: Assam (26), (2), (1) and (1) - 27, they participated in the Delhi congregation, while a Manipuri girl and a Mizoram man tested positive for the month. last after they returned from the UK and the Netherlands, respectively.

Another 52-year-old Assam merchant from the Kamrup district (Metro) also infected with nCoV when his swab samples tested positive. The last positive case for nCoV in Assam is that of the former BSF Jawan, who voluntarily retired from service in 2007 to do religious activity, now undergoing treatment.

In addition, 30 positive cases in the northeast region, four people from Assam and two people from Tripura, who attended the congregation, tested positive for COVID-19 and are in hospitals in North India.

Sarma told media in Guwahati that of the 1,529 swab samples from people, including 812 Nizamuddin attendees, collected so far: 1,308 were negative, 26 positive, and the remaining reports are expected.

Citing communications from the central government, Sarma had previously said that more than 550 to 600 people from Assam had attended the Tablighi meeting.

I am very angry and frustrated, as despite our repeated appeals, none of the participants reported to the authority. Why are they hiding their cases? Sarma told reporters.

The minister, along with other ministers, met with Tablighi Jamaat leaders in Guwahati on Saturday and asked them to share the full list of attendees to analyze their samples or provide quarantine.

In, Tripura health secretary Debashish Basu said two people from Tripura, who had participated in the Tablighi Jamaat congregation, tested positive for a new coronavirus and are now in a Bikaner quarantine center in Rajasthan.

Eleven people from the Tripana areas in Boxanagar (west of Tripura) attended the Tablighi Jamaat event. After attending the meeting, the eleven people went to Rajasthan. Rajasthan government officials verbally informed us that two of the eleven people tested positive for a new coronavirus, Basu told the media.

According to different official sources, at least 800 people from various northeastern states, mostly from Assam, had attended or were near the Tablighi congregation, forcing the seven states to start a general search to identify and evaluate these people. . Relatives of the attendees and those with whom they had close contact are also being examined or quarantined.

Tripura's Health Secretary also said that samples of samples from 50 people who attended the Tablighi gathered or went to the Nizamuddin area, were negative.