Covid-19: Push Make in India for Fans, EPP

NEW DELHI: The government wants the private sector to increase the production of fans and glasses to create capacity to address it, although the current requirement is well controlled, as a small percentage of patients need that support.

The empowered committee, led by CEO of Niti Aayog, held virtual interaction with top industry leaders on Thursday to expand the logistics supply chain for ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE), gloves, goggles and other similar equipment. for front-line medical professionals fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. The increased availability of ventilators and other equipment will significantly improve medical facilities, particularly in smaller cities and towns where specialized services are less accessible.

The government has expanded its fan network and cornered public sector companies, but now wants the private sector to use its resources to manufacture the items nationwide to meet any additional demand in the event of the virus spreading.

It was basically a message to increase manufacturing and less imports, an industry source said. The industry has promised to involve the automotive sector to use its production line to manufacture fans, and several companies such as Maruti, Tatas and others have pledged to build a supply chain for such equipment, both for domestic use and for exports. The companies have promised to use 3D technology to meet the demand for such specialized equipment, as some of the key component inputs would require imports, which would not be easy given the current turmoil.

Large companies have to get involved as it requires sustained, large-scale manufacturing, another source said.

Industry leaders, largely from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), also promised to encourage textile companies such as Gokuldas, Shahi Exports, Matrix, Arvind and others to increase the manufacture of gloves, PPE and other equipment. Another area the private sector has been asked to focus on is the manufacture of test kits. Industry leaders have agreed to examine the issues and encourage their members to focus their attention to meet growing demand.

K Vijayaraghavan, Senior Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PMO, and other members of the empowered committee were present at the meeting.