COVID-19: Harbhajan Singh commends Sikh man for providing food to poor woman

NEW DELHI: veteran shooter Harbhajan Singh On Saturday she praised a Sikh man who could be seen feeding a poor old woman and hugging her.

Jeonda reh merely tacks .. Dua hai waheguru agge aise nek bandhe jeondhe wasdhe rehen .. Dhan guru Nanak Meher kari sab te .. together we can win this war against the crown virus #carona #humainty #respect (sic.) Harbhajan said in his tweet in which he included the video .

Harbhajan also tweeted his thanks for those who are working on the front line of the fight against coronavirus . Yes, we are indebted to you forever, doctors, nurses, all health care workers, the police, and everyone who works for all of us ... Praying for your safety (sic.), He said.

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He also supported the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Message from all Indians to turn off the lights at 9 p.m. for 9 minutes and light candles, torches, mobile flashes, etc. to show appreciation to those fighting the virus.

Harbhajan was expected to return to the cricket fold as part of the Chennai Super Kings in the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League.

However, the league's March 29 start was deferred to April 15 due to the coronavirus outbreak in India. The new date is also under uncertainty due to the three-week lockdown in the country that has been in place since March 25 to fight the pandemic.