Pietersen Proposes 'Condensed' IPL Without Fans, Says 'He Really Believes' It Should Happen

NEW DELHI: The COVID-19 pandemic may have indefinitely paralyzed all sporting activities, but the former England captain Kevin Pietersen still really believe the 13th edition of IPL It should happen the moment there is a window of opportunity.

He proposed a closed-door condensed league for one of the biggest cricketers, adding that fans shouldn't risk it.

Let's say July/August is the earliest, I do truly believe the IPL should happen. I do believe it is the kick-start to the cricket season. I think every single player around the world is desperate to play the IPL, Pietersen said.

The former star hitter expressed his thoughts on the Star Sports Cricket Connected show.

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The IPL is important not just for players and franchises, but also for the people working behind the scenes, and this was not lost on Pietersen.

There could be a way to get some money out of franchises, in the economy by having a situation where you use maybe three places that are completely closed to fans and players can still go out and play the tournament in three weeks or four weeks

So, it is a more condensed tournament in three places that we know that they are safe, that we know that they are safe, he said.


The competition was scheduled to start on March 29, but was postponed until April 15. However, given the current situation, the chances of the event taking place seem bleak.

However, Pietersen remained optimistic.

I don't think fans need to risk it in this situation. I think fans should understand that they cannot see a game live right now and that they may not be able to see a game live for the foreseeable future, he said.

(But) what would you give right now, to see the Indians of Mumbai versus Chennai Super Kings right now?

Agreeing with Pietersen, former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar spoke on the importance of organizing the IPL.

The moment we get clearances from all the authorities that matter, the IPL should happen, only because it will kick start the economy because when you talk about the IPL it's not just about the Mumbai Indians , or a Dhoni or a Virat Kohli, there are a lot of people who are making their livelihood through the IPL, he said.

Recently, Rajasthan Royals' executive chairman Manoj Badale had said that a shortened IPL couldn't be ruled out, provided the BCCI and your other stakeholders are on the same page.