Coronavirus: more than 1500 participated in a party thrown by a family whose 11 members tested positive in the Morena district of MP

BHOPAL: More than 1500 people have participated in the party thrown by the family whose 11 members tested positive.

Authorities confiscated a newspaper from the patients' home on Saturday where the names of all the guests were written. The newspaper is being analyzed and teams have been sent to the five blocks whose people were invited.

In Morena, a couple tested positive on Thursday. Out of 2, the male member had returned from Dubai Recently. On Friday, the district collector said: 10 new positive patients were found and they are all family members of the same couple. It includes the brother and sister-in-law of the first positive patient and 8 children of the couple. The youngest of them is under 10 years old and the oldest is around 13 years old.

Cheif medical and health officer Morena, said On Friday evening we came to know that the patient who had come from Dubai after her mother's death had thrown a funeral feast where between 1500- and 2000 people from villages across five blocks had participated.

This happened on March 20, according to the orders issued so far, no function in which more than 50 people participated, but many people participated in it. He was reluctant to provide information, but when pressed, he reported on a diary containing a guest list. He has recovered from his home in the afternoon. We are analyzing it. Meanwhile, teams have been dispatched to the five blocks. And in some villages people go out alone. being quarantined in the hospital and those without symptoms would be isolated at home, he said.