Pak takes to the streets to fight the crown

ISLAMABAD: With the increase in cases, the police and security officials in Pakistan they have focused less on fighting crime and more on stopping the spread of Covid-19 in the past month. While they have been given all the coronavirus protection equipment, the country's staff has been asking for government help.

In all major cities, police officers could be seen in the field wearing the appropriate protective gear for their safety. Special workshops have been organized for them about taking the necessary precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus. As the country is closed, police vehicles can be seen patrolling the roads and making frequent announcements on loudspeakers, asking people to stay home.

Because the police and security officials have been protected, health workers in the country demand help from the government. “Healthcare workers are the frontline force in the fight against Covid-19, but unfortunately, we are going to fight this battle without protective measures. Can you send a soldier to the battlefield without a weapon and ammunition? , Asked the spokesman for the country's health association. “The government is less concerned with the safety of health workers. It would be considered suicidal if we fight Covid-19 without the right kits, he added.

In recent decades, the government’s spending on healthcare for 225 million Pakistan is has been less than 1 per cent of the GDP. Hospitals are often ill-equipped and overcrowded in normal times. As Covid-19 surged, desperate attempts were made to prepare health facilities to handle the rising number of patients.

Pakistan has the highest virus cases in South Asia. According to the government’s latest statistics, Covid-19 cases in Pakistan rose to 2,735 on Saturday -- 1,087 in Punjab, 839 in Sindh, 343 in , 184 in Balochistan, 75 in Islamabad , 195 in Gilgit-Baltistan, and 12 in Pakistan -occupied Kashmir. The death toll has jumped to 41, while 139 people have so far recovered from the disease.