Actor couple Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul will welcome their first child soon

Actor Sumeet Vyas and his wife, actress Ekta Kaul They are ready to receive their first child next month. the Couple He was married in September 2018. Ekta euphoric said: Sumeet and I are excited and have thought of the names of a girl and a boy.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Couple is taking extra precautions. Ekta said, “We aren’t letting anyone visit us and I am not stepping out of the house at all. So, the household work is a big task for both of us. Had it not been for the coronavirus outbreak, it would have been easier to get help. But, Sumeet looks after me very well, and in a way, it's good that he is at home during the last month of my pregnancy, or else he would have been busy working. Whenever I go to my doctor for check-ups, the policemen are very kind and allow us to go without asking any questions when they see us in the car. Hopefully, things will be fine soon.”

Sumeet added: I am extremely excited and a little nervous, due to what is happening right now, but I am hoping things will calm down a bit, before baby Happily disrupts our lives when he/she arrives.