Covid-19: three IAF staff members in quarantine

NEW DELHI: An IAF sergeant who visited the Delhi area during the congregation there last month was quarantined at Palam Air Base along with two other staff members with whom he had closely interacted.

IAF sources said Saturday that contact tracing and other investigations were underway, although the sergeant has denied having assisted the Tablighi congregation during his visit to Nizamuddin, which has become a Covid-19 superdiffuser in the country. The sergeant and the other two IAF staff members are asymptomatic so far, but have been quarantined, a source said.

An army medic in Calcutta, a non-commissioned chief warrant officer (JCO) in Dehradun, and a Jawan from the Ladakh Scouts in Leh had previously tested positive for Covid-19 in the armed forces.

As previously reported by TOI, both the doctor, who is a colonel posted at the Eastern Army Command hospital in Kolkata, and the JCO had traveled to Delhi in the second week of March before the closure took effect.

The first confirmed case of coronavirus in the Army was a 34-year-old soldier from the Ladakh Scouts in Leh, whose father had returned from a pilgrimage to I ran on an Air India flight on February 27. The case led to a virtual closure of the Ladakh Scout Regimental Center there.